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The Go-To Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix

Aug 16

If you have been injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix, AZ , you know it is not the same as a passenger vehicle collision. It claims its drivers are independent contractors. When you are involved in an Uber accident, it is fundamental to employ an Uber accident attorney. 

An Uber accident attorney from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ can help you enjoy multiple benefits, including the ones highlighted below. 

We Safeguard Your Interests

After getting involved in an Uber accident, you will be forced to deal with predatory insurance. These insurance companies do their best to settle the claim quickly and give you the minimum settlement possible. As a result, they take advantage of your vulnerability and get you to sign documents that might be used against your case in court. 

The decision to work with an Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys ensures that there is a professional protecting your interests. Your Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix will work with your insurance company’s lawyer to ensure you are paid the actual value for your Uber accident claim. 

We Offer Legal Advice

Uber accidents cause damage to varying extents. You can still get involved in a collision, but you are the negligent party. You can call your Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys immediately. 

Our expertise will allow us to evaluate the facts of the case and weigh them against the probability of getting compensated. If the probability is low, we will advise you accordingly and help you understand your passenger rights when riding an Uber. 

We Have Expertise

Compensation claims are not the same as average cases, especially when your case reaches trial. You must hire the expertise of an Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys. We will exploit loopholes in your case. 

This can better your chances of winning the accident case. In addition, we will use our expertise to gather all the evidence needed to prove that you deserve higher compensation Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix. 

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